January 7, 2018

January 7, 2018

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LOS ANGELES – You’re a beautiful recklessness

April 10, 2018


As if it was obvious, you invite me for another dance. I haven’t touched your beaches for five years. Not that I’d like to avoid your sunny smile. You always welcome me with a lot of tenderness. Ephemeral but sincere, just on time for a drink. You try to seduce me with a dinner in Beverly Hills. The “Gratitude” welcomes us like old friends. The meals are sophisticated. Vegan and delicious. However, the bill kills me like a knife. You go on with your marathon. A first rooftop in downtown sets in the horizon. The “Standard” offers a muffled atmosphere but too trendy for the shirt I force myself to wear. You now understand my needs. French music classics. Braised beef. A wonderful live gig. The candles excite my tonight’s adventure. “The Perch” will definitely stay a sensual reference. Malibu, Santa Monica, Venice Beach, to Manhattan’s surfing. You visit beaches after beaches. Like if you were trying to prove you’re eternally beautiful. Then you let loose. We take the Dodge and fly away. Joshua Tree’s desert burns my lips. You go on. “El Condor”, a Mexican restaurant at Silver Lake, promises a torrid night. I want you. I follow you through Sunset Boulevard. A rock bar attracts us like children in front of a theme park. Bright lights. Dancers on the bar. Finally LA. You tackle me against a wall. You kiss me. My smile radiates. A sunrise, failed coffees, crystallized sugar. You haven’t changed. I’ll see you again. Better prepared. Without the fear of having you break my heart. Because everybody knows, you leave without saying goodbye. Los Angeles, you’re a beautiful recklessness.


This story reflects through my last track « Say It Feat. Shana Pearson ». Sun, Joy and recklessness. Those are the ingredients forming the universe that recently drove me. The bright piano and the saxophone were therefore the perfect types of sound to illustrate these words. Combined together and accompanied by an energetic beat as well as the beautiful voice of the singer Shana Pearson, they result in a song full of excitement and freshness. Although my last tracks were mainly composed in minor key, this one is in major, which inspires a truly positive feeling that I was aiming to share for this Spring.



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