January 7, 2018

January 7, 2018

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VIENNA, I miss you.

December 16, 2017


The town of lost prestige. A questioned empire, similar to our constant arguments. Walks in the park open the hearts, appease, calm our sorrows. We don't give up and end up visiting a museum. Going from history to art, the itinerant sex expo seems ordinary. The passion is still intact. Our modern hotel in the city centre helps us to get a feeling of ecstasy. How gorgeous are your legs, in this red dress. I don’t say it enough but I love you. You and your doubts. Like the princess Sisi that nobody understood but whom her husband protected. I need quietude in order to be guided by your voice. The borders of the Danube are yet fascinating. The red wine is good, the uncertainties as well. We are finally lost. This trip is not eternal. We apprehend to go back to our wicked habits. You are afraid. I know. This city also calls out for me. As if its walls reminded us of our first smiles on the corner of a magazine. We love being sophisticated. We run away from the simple, the too basic, the ordinary. Maybe we went too fast, without really taking the time to surprise each other, to learn, to understand who we are. I would like to find you again one day. Just to remember that you made me happy. Vienna, I miss you. 


For this article, it was like an evidence. A nostalgic piece needed to be applied. However, with warmth. With bestiality as well. My track “Missing You”, realized in collaboration with the Irish singer & songwriter Anna Pearl, perfectly transcribes the dull feeling I get when I think about this city. Between the melancholic arrangements of the Rhodes keyboard, the raw impulsions of the bass guitar, the enchanting layer of the piano to the savage percussions, the texture of the song enhances the undeniable characteristic of disorientation. Melancholic and yet, so comforting.


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Translated by Clementine Poggi

Photo Credits - All rights reserved




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